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eXtended Threat Detection

Native Big Data Architecture

RaptorX XDR platform is powered by cloud-delivered micro-services workloads.

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RaptorX XDR Platform

Powered by cloud-delivered micro-services architecture 

RaptorX XDR Platform is powered by cloud-delivered

micro-services workloads. It is designed to fuse

massive amounts of data into a threat graph for

threat hunts and cybersecurity investigations.

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RaptorX - Logs and Unstructured Data

Eagle logging module ships logs in all data forms, whether data is structured or unstructured. The logging capabilities of the Eagle power RaptorX to deliver a complete UEBA & SIEM Capabilities 

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Preload Anomaly 

Detection Content

Our anomaly threat detection content is preloaded, linked together for each entity profile, powering security analysts to respond better to attack signal indicators. 

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Indicator of Attack


IOA lifecycle assures the security analysts that the engine has done all the relevant prechecks before the signal is triggered. Autonomously collect relevant evidence.

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Search clustering

& Classification

Our platform labels and classifies data for security analysts to determine the accuracy of their search, and then cluster the data based on similarities for pattern recognition.

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Eagle Agent XDR Capability Matrix

Our lightweight agent provide the following capabilities: 


Endpoint Detection &


Eagle EDR module provides real time visibility into all types of activities performed by the endpoint. Discovering adversaries in real time to stop the attack before they become a breach.

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Network Detection &


Eagle Network Detection & Response module provides real time sessions visibility across all types of network traffic. NDR module superiority allows for silent inspection of all types of network flows.