Our lightweight agent provides the following capabilities:

Eagle Agent XDR Capability Matrix


Endpoint Detection &


Eagle EDR module provides real time visibility into all types of activities performed by the endpoint. Discovering adversaries in real time to stop the attack before they become a breach.

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Eagle logs module parses and ships logs in index-free aggregator to power log analytics on the fly without data limits or restrictions. Allowing it to enable the SIEM module of RaptorX xDR platform.

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Network Detection &


Eagle Network Detection & Response module provides real time sessions visibility across all types of network traffic. NDR module superiority allows for silent inspection of all types of network flows.

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eXtended Threat Detection

RaptorX XDR Platform is powered by cloud-delivered micro-services workloads. It is designed to fuse massive amounts of data into a threat graph for threat hunts and cybersecurity investigations.